Welcome to The Beauty Diaries, my name is Anna Cannon. I am 21 years old and Senior at Indiana University. I am majoring in Journalism with a specialty in broadcast and media entertainment. But it wasn’t that simple to get there. So far I have attended three different universities. University of Kentucky, IUPUI, and finally Indiana University. I started out wanting to be a pharmacist and before I even began my first week of collage I knew that was not the path I wanted to follow. By this point I started watching YouTube and discovering bloggers, and this is where I found my passion for journalism and wanting to share my life with others.

SO why The Beauty Diaries? I decided to combine one of my favorite shows Sex and The City’s spin-off,The Carrie Diaries, with the content of my blog which is all about all things beauty. Here you will be able to find my latest fashion trends, Β favorite beauty products and little glimpses into my life.

A little about my personal life, I’ve always been a people person and I love to make those around me smile and feel happy. I have to thank my outgoing personality and poise to my long years in pageantry. I have been competing since 2009 and have been able to add numerous state title as well as three national titles under my belt. Pageants have been able to give me a platform for becoming a role model for so many young girls as well as devote my time to volunteering for numerous different organizations. A wonderful opportunity from my time competing in pageants I have been graced with is that I am currently one year into a three year contract to with a modeling and acting agency in New York City called Model Management Group. I feel that I’m at such a great time in my life, hopefully opening as many doors to my future that I can.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and are able to look a little bit inside of my crazy life! Please subscribe to stay in touch and follow me along this journey we call life!

Email: thebeautydiariesblog21.gmail.com

Instagram: t.beauty.diaries