Quick and Simple Stir-fry Recipe

What’s up guys?


I thought that I would share with you guys one of my favorite recipes to make and eat.. of course! It is a simple homemade vegetable stir-fry with chicken fried rice.

FullSizeRender.jpg-4               FullSizeRender.jpg-6



1 Large zucchini

2 Medium yellow squash

1/2 Cup Red, Yellow, Orange Peppers

1/2 Large tomato

1/3 Cup yellow onion

2 large carrots

1/2 Head of broccoli

2 Medium Mushrooms

Minced Garlic

Garlic Salt





Fried Rice

2 Cups white rice

2 Eggs

2 Tbs Soy Sauce

Steps One: Cut all veggies which ever way you prefer. I decided to cut the carrots and peppers long ways, but sliced all the other veggies into circles. There’s probably a term for that, but circles works for me :).  As I cut each vegetable I put them all into a large bowl and added all of the seasonings in.

Step Two: I turned on the stove to a medium high heat and put olive oil into a large skillet. Keeping the heat high allows the veggies to cook but not simmer in their water or the olive oil. You can cook them to however crunchy or chewy you prefer but I enjoy them the most when they are slightly crunchy but not raw.

Step 3: As I was cooking the veggies I had my rice cooker cooking rice. I put it in the microwave for five minutes on high and 12 minutes at fifty-percent. FYI it’s always two parts water to one part rice, so I cooked two cups rice and four cups water.

Step 4: After the rice was done I scrambled two eggs, added the rice and 1/4 cup of soy sauce. (If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to soy sauce try liquid aminos, they taste the same, but have way less sodium).

Step 5: EAT!



I hope you all enjoyed this quick and easy recipe that is super tasty and filling, but low calorie and healthy as well!



The Beauty Diaries ❤




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