How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

What’s up guys?

So I’m sure all of us love to do our make-up, most of us do at least a little bit every day. Now what does this mean, dirty makeup brushes! I know how it can be, “Oh I’ll wash them tomorrow”, trust me I’m guilty of that too. But then a few weeks go by with you saying that you start to think, “Why isn’t my makeup going on the same?” or “Why am I breaking out so much?”, well here’s your answer. If you don’t wash your brushes at least once a week, or realistically, once every other week they begin to harvest bacteria and old cakey makeup which is why your makeup applies differently or you begin to breakout. So moral of the story… wash your brushes girls!

I have tried many different cleansers, high-end to dish soap, but my favorite out of them all hands down  has to be Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Weird right? But it really works and it’s super gentle on your brushes since it’s meant for babies. Not to mention it’s ridiculously affordable!

A few other cleansers I would recommend would have to be the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser, Clinique Make-up Brush Cleanser and the IT Cosmetics Brush Bath 

So how do you wash your makeup brushes? Well if you want me to be honest it’s pretty easy.

Step One: pull together all your brushes, soap, a dish to put the soap in and a towel to lie your clean brushes on. (Don’t stand them up once you are done because that will allow the water to get into the barrel of the brush and pull them apart from the handle, and that would be why one of mine is missing its handle lol)

FullSizeRender.jpg   FullSizeRender.jpg-1

Step Two: Turn on your sink. I like to wet my brush first then dip into the soap and run it in circular motions around the palm of my hand. There are special mats that you can purchase from either Sigma Beauty or Real Techniques that you can run your brushes on, but I don’t see too much of a difference in using them or not. Also if you don’t get all the product out on the first go, just dip your brush again and repeat the steps until your brush looks brand new.

            IMG_9524  IMG_9550       IMG_9525

Step Three: Squeeze out all the excess water and re-mold your brush so that it doesn’t dry in a funky shape. Lay it on the towel and let it dry!


So there you have it! Super easy and affordable way to clean your makeup brushes. Let me know what your favorite brush cleansers are in the comments below and I’ll be sure to try them out!

xo, The Beauty Diaries ❤



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