*Halfway Through* New Year; New Me

What’s up guys? It’s almost July of 2017 and as I’ve been reflecting on the year I have realized that I haven’t accomplished my goals as much as I wish I would.

I want to start something new on my blog all about my health and fitness journey. Health and fitness are things that I have been very passionate about for many years, and as time as gone on my passion has only grown. I try go to the gym and eat decently healthy, with the occasional treats. OK well more than on occasion but hey who cares. A very big misconception on being healthy, (which I used to think), is that you have to live on a strict diet or avoid fast food or sweets, but as long as you keep a decently healthy eating habit and add some savory or sweet items in here or there, there is no problem with that.

I will still be incorporating some fashion and beauty on my blog, of course, but will be adding some work-outs, work-out outfits and even some gym friendly makeup looks.

I hope you all are ready to follow me through my journey, and If you have any requests you would like to see from me please feel free to comment down below πŸ™‚


I cannot wait to see where this takes me!

-The Beauty Diaries ❀


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