Travel Essentials

With summer fast approaching and vacations being planned I thought Id give you all some tips on packing light… if that even exists of course!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what you really need to bring with you when you travel. I have totally over packed a time too many, but sometimes you just don’t know what you’ll need right? So here are my top five tips to help you pack just right! 🙂

Tip #1: Don’t bring your whole makeup collection!

We all want to bring every lip color or every eyeshadow pallet we own but are you really going to use it all? My tip to you is bring one staple eyeshadow pallet with neutral shades that you can create any basic or glam look. My two favorite would be the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet or the Too Faced Neutral Mattes pallet.


Also try to limit yourself to two or three lippies. Of course bring your favorite nude and then if you know you will need a specific shade for an outfit bring the one you think will be best.


L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss (Dreamy)

Tip #2: Only bring your favorite face makeup products

Don’t make your trip the time that you bring new foundations, powders, etc. Think about your products for your go-to look and bring them. My current go-to products include the  Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser primer, Maybelline Better Skin foundation, Maybelline Better Skin concealer, Maybelline FitMe powder, Wet and Wild Contouring Palette (Dulce De Leche)NARS laguna bronzer and the Essence Pure Nude highlighter. With these products I know my skin will look flawless.


Tip #3: Bring your staple skin care products

Sure when you’re home you could use a make-up wipe, face wash, face mask, serum, eye cream and face moisturizer, but do you need all of that while you’re traveling? Try to bring a face wash that not only cleanses your face but also removes makeup like the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. Also do a face mask or two before you go on vacation so that your skin is hydrated and prepped before the vacay! When you’re packing your serum, eye cream and face moisturizer put them into travel containers. One hack is to buy a contact lens case and put your serum as well as your eye cream in the compartments so that you only have to bring one full size product.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Tarte Maracuja C Brightener Eye Treatment 

Tip #4: Try and plan out your outfits before you leave for your vacation

Instead of picking out many different shirts or pants that you might wear, try and plan your outfits before you pack. This way you will only pack what you know you will wear. Another bonus to this method is that while you’re on vacation you won’t have to figure out what to wear because you’ll already have had everything planned and ready to go!

Tip #5: Give yourself plenty of time to pack

Don’t wait until the last minute to pull everything together. In doing so you will most likely over pack as well as probably forget something you really needed. Try and start packing the week before you leave so that you give yourself time to think everything out and not forget anything important!

Hopefully some or all of these tips will help you when you’re packing for your next getaway!




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